Company profile:

PredictionHealth helps doctors provide better care to their patients every day. Candidates will get to work at a mission-driven startup where the primary goal is to help bring doctors and AI together for better, more efficient patient care. PredictionHealth is a small but growing startup with direct reporting to MD/PhD co-founders as well as many opportunities for high-paced experiences, rapid advancement (e.g. previous interns implemented valuable features and learned infrastructure across multiple high-impact technologies such as AWS, Google Cloud Platform, Docker, Kubernetes, React/Redux, testing, speech-to-text processing, and state of the art deep natural language processing methods).

Candidates will gain experience with various cloud services and architectures as well as to develop and iterate on end-to-end production features. Opportunities exist for long term employment including for those starting via our internship program (previous successful interns were promoted to full-time positions).

Position description:

PredictionHealth is looking for a (paid) software and DevOps engineering intern who is flexible, fast to pick up new skills, and dedicated to maintaining and improving a production system. The intern will have direct responsibilities involving development and operations using Google Cloud Platform, Amazon Web Services, and similar as our service scales up to support more users. Additional development tasks may involve web-interaction-based robotic process automation and collection and processing of data for data science purposes.

Applicants should work well under time pressure as this role may from time to time involve putting out figurative “fires” and providing support to important clinical users.


- Exposure to GCP and/or AWS

- Experience with Python

- Familiarity with GCP’s Datastore and/or more standard SQL databases

- Courses and prior experience in computer science and software engineering


- Proficiency with JavaScript

- Experience launching and maintaining cloud servers

- Use of UI automation tools like Selenium (preferred) or PyAutoGUI.

- Proficiency with Golang

- Previous experience related to healthcare

- Flexible time schedule